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Be the first on Google® Search

Forget the old positioning strategies that do not work for your business and start to position in the first search results appearing in more than 100 digital newspapers.

Appear in online newspapers and position your business on Google®️

Increase the visibility of your website

From a personalized study of the searches carried out by your potential clients, the optimal themes are selected to position your business.

We write the

content for you

Our copywriters create compelling regular content for the media talking about your business. As soon as you give your approval, it is launched in the media and newspapers to distribute this content.

Reputation and credibility for you

It is known that more than 75% of your future clients search the Internet before hiring or buying. To be

mentioned in newspapers improves credibility and confidence in your business.

For any business
and sector

Unlike traditional positioning, this broadcast is recommended for all businesses that want to improve visibility on the Internet, regardless of size or sector.

Guaranteed publication in hundreds of media in a single monthly instalment, to position your business on the Internet

Online Newspapers are websites with millions of visits per month. This makes publishing in digital media an excellent way to improve the visibility of your brand, obtain hundreds of new links to your website to position and gain more trust from your customers.

Click the bottom below and send us an e-mail we will get back to you to know what you need and how can we help you.

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Do you want your website to appear in search engines?

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Through mentions in digital newspapers, not only do you improve the credibility of your business, but search engines like Google® understand that your website is relevant, and therefore, it improves its visibility.

How does it work?


Selection of themes

We develop a strategy of themes, according to the searches of your sector, product or service

to find out which ones are ideal to work with.


Content writing


Our editors are in charge of writing about your business. You receive these articles and approve them to be able to start the third phase, that is, to be able to disseminate them.


Diffusion in

digital media


You will be mention in hundreds of sites, thus increasing your positioning and highlighting your business against the competition.

Position your website by appearing in newspapers and digital media.
That easy!


€ 150 / month

  • Trend study

  • SEO content strategy

  • 1 Monthly content writing

  • Content review

  • Guaranteed publication

  • Appearance in Google News

  • Report with active URL

  • Minimum appearance in 50 digital newspapers

Expansion Plus € 200 / month

  • Trend study

  • SEO content strategy

  • 2 monthly content writings

  • Content review

  • Guaranteed publication

  • Appearance in Google News

  • Report with active URL

  • Minimum appearance in 100 digital newspapers

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Improve the positioning of your business

Being mentioned in the media and newspapers allows you to increase the strength of your website and gain positions periodically.

Untitled design (3).png

Reputation and trust

You will be naming in hundreds of sites,

thus increasing the visibility of your business in

Internet and highlighting your business in front of website and gain positions periodically.

Untitled design (3).png

Increase relevance

The most effective way to position yourself on the Internet is to be relevant and have authority media talk about you.

Untitled design (3).png

For any business


This strategy is suitable for any business, regardless of size or sector.

Frequent Questions

Will I be able to consult the article before it is published?

Of course. Before publishing the article, you can review it and provide the details that you consider appropriate.

If I am a small business, is it for me?

Totally. Gaining visibility on the Internet is especially important for small and medium businesses.

Are there forbidden subjects?

Due to the policies of most newspapers, we cannot mention articles that address or incite sensitive topics. Contact us if you need additional information.

How will it be billed? How is the fee?

An automatic monthly invoice will be made and payment will be made by card. There is no permanence.

Will you rewrite my article if I am not satisfied?

The articles are written by professionals with language and techniques aimed at positioning your website and being mentioned in digital media. Of course we can modify some part or edit the entire text if you are not convinced.

Can I unsubscribe whenever I want?

The subscription of this positioning has no permanence. Due to the high volume of active projects, we usually create content before renewals, so we will need you to notify us a minimum of 10 days before the renewal if you wish to cancel the service. 
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Start now to position your business.

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