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Google's intelligence for your company's protection.


Ensure the security of your company and your clients' data, by safely storing all your files, documents, as well as having your own secured host for your website and e-mails.

Optimise your company process in the safest place on the planet, protected by Google.

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Google Cloud's solutions and technology help you tackle the most complex challenges, whether your business is already undergoing digital transformation or is still in the early stages.

360˚ Google Protection


And yes, it's safe to say that you won't be caught out by hacker thieves trying to take advantage of you.



Not only will these tools protect your company, but they'll also optimising time in each department's workflow, making your teamwork more efficient, faster, and able to operate from anywhere.

Cloud computing offers many advantages and conveniences for today’s organizations. Employees can work together in documents in real-time from their phone or tablet from any location, and communicate instantly with teammates via video, voice, instant message, or email. No longer tied to a single machine, they have the freedom to work together from anywhere, using any device they choose. Meanwhile, their employers don’t shoulder the cost or burden of maintaining servers and constantly updating software. It’s no surprise, then, that so many organizations around the world are storing their information and getting work done in the cloud.  

Moving to the cloud creates numerous opportunities to start working in a new way and it empowers the workforce to better collaborate and innovate. But it’s also a big change. 

Sometimes the success of the change hinges not on the change itself, but on how it’s managed. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to drive managers to understand some of the key challenges associated with cloud adoption and provide them with a verified in-the-field framework that will assist them in supporting their teams on the change journey. By addressing the human factor of moving to the cloud, organizations increase their chances of realizing business objectives and investing in their future talent.

We are here to help you through all the changes, teach all your employers and make sure that every step of the way goes smoothly.

Google Cloud offers solutions to improve operational efficiency that enables organisations to adapt to the new business environments.
Google Cloud can help you overcome the most complex technology challenges, reduce IT expenses, and prepare for the future.
We at HIGH IN TECH are certified by Google Cloud to help you through this incredible digital transformation.

General benefits of cloud adoption:


Facilitate innovation:

With the cloud you save the initial investment of servers, in exchange for paying what you consume every month. This allows you to experiment quickly, at a lower cost and without the risk that that initial investment in hardware implies. It also allows you to create new servers in minutes. When someone in your company has an idea, how long does it take to give them the tools to test it? And if the idea is not good, what about this investment?


Reduces development time:

The main advantage of the cloud is that it allows you to drastically reduce development time. This is essential, and having an infrastructure in the cloud that allows you to introduce changes in an agile way is a very important competitive advantage.

Save costs:

The cost savings are mainly due to several factors: that you pay only for the infrastructure you need at all times, and you save the investments to create your own network, storage, operating system, virtualization, physical space, power, cooling, redundancy, high availability, updates.

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Google Security:

Ensure the security of your company and the data of your clients, storing all your files, documents, emails, your own host for your website and optimise your company process in the safest space in the world protected by Google.

These new tools are designed to help you stand up and make your life easier.  
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