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10 Reasons To Have A Website For Your Business

Updated: May 9, 2022

Today, the Internet is an important part of our daily life. As such, when you own or manage a business, there are certainly many reasons to have a website.

However, many of these people have failed to understand the vital importance of the web - or the Internet in general - for business. They still wonder: do I really need a website for my brand?

In total, there are approximately 333.8 million domain name registrations worldwide, and that number is now steadily increasing by approximately 1.0% each year.

Today the situation must have improved. But the value of having a web presence continues to be overlooked by various entrepreneurs.

That is why below you will find 10 indisputable reasons why your company should have a website.

1. Increase the Credibility and Prestige of your Business

Would you trust a company that does not have physical facilities? Or, in one without a contact phone number? Unless it's an exceptional business, maybe not.

Now, would you trust more a business that has a website or one that does not? Surely the one that does, right?

But it is not just about having a site set up. This should have a good user experience (UX), with a friendly design.

Also, remember that a site is made up of several pages. In other words: a website is made up of several web pages. You must use each of them properly and you can have as many as you require.

History, Mission and Vision? Clever. Commercial offer? You got it. Forms (and form) of contact? Count on it. Location on the map? You can not miss it. A business blog with their respective publications? Totally recommendable.

2. Open 24/7, of the Most Basic Reasons to Have a Website

When you have physical business premises, it is sensible that you only operate during business hours. But websites can operate all day, every day. They do not "sleep" or need "rest" on weekends or holidays.

Can you imagine that a potential customer finds your product at night? And better yet, who can contact you or buy it directly?

It's really cool. All without requiring your immediate reaction. Practically your website works and makes money for you, while you rest.

Because in addition, they are not only your static web pages. Imagine that you implement a chatbot that guides visitors to your site, that interacts with them, that guides them through your conversion funnel. Without a doubt, it is a powerful reason for your business to have a website, a truly professional one.

3. You will appear more easily in Google

Does your business have no presence on the Internet? It will hardly appear on the first page of Google. Do you have a page on Facebook, a place registered in Google Maps, listed in a good online directory? Your chances are higher.

But it does also have its own well-optimized web portal, connected to your page on Facebook and other social media profiles, local on Google Maps, Foursquare, Yelp, you will surely occupy a very good position in Google. Even the first global result for certain keywords, including the name of the company.

This, of course, will require the efficient, effective and honest use of search engine optimization techniques.

4. Local or World Businesses, You Decide

Increase the Presence in your Locality

Any brand that operates locally and has no intention of selling nationally and internationally can greatly benefit from having a website.

Why is this so? Good. Today, many people Google local businesses. This may be for practicality, in a matter of proximity.

For example: if you have a food business, people who are nearby will want to know basic questions such as: whether or not there is home delivery, price range, menu.

A Website Expands Your Borders in the World

Is your product or service likely to be sold beyond your locality? Your own web pages will be your great ally.

If you sell products and have the ability to send them anywhere, an e-commerce website will be the gateway for your future customers.

In the case of services, is it one that does not require the presence of a person and tools with the client? Can it be done online? Your website will be a total yes.

5. Increase your Sales, the Main Reasons to Have a Website

Let's see. So far we have listed important advantages. What does all this lead us?

It's simple: to the fact that, invariably, your company's sales will increase. The best: with a smart and economical investment compared to traditional marketing.

6. Help Educate Your Clients

A website, among its various pages, must have some that educate its visitors, leads and customers. Some options are:

  • Explanation about each product or service.

  • Frequently asked questions section.

  • As part of an inbound and content marketing strategy, a blog.

Educating your visitors through clear and quality content brings you closer to them and therefore enhances your chances of success.

7. A Website Allows You to Compete with Large Companies

Some people believe that having web pages is something unique to the biggest brands. Fortunately, this is not the case. In contrast, websites allow small businesses not to be eaten by the big fish.

How? There are several factors:

  • Greater closeness to people.

  • Possibility of serving market niches no matter how small they are.

  • Low cost of implementation.

  • Among other.

In this way, the web is a tool to equalize the terrain between transnationals and SMEs.

8. Adapts to your Clients

As you surely know, each client has the rhythm of it.

Some know what they want and go straight to buy it. Others have a more or less elaborate idea and require advice.

By providing them with a website that, in addition to content, implemented forms and other contact options, each of them will be able to go at the speed they want and complete their purchase in the right place and at the right time.

Easy and without pressure.

9. Update the Information Whenever You Want

In the traditional way, providing information involves things like flyers and informational brochures. Every time the information is required to be updated, you have to order new prints. This comes at a cost to your company.

On the contrary, if you opt for a website as part of an inbound strategy, there are very friendly platforms that allow you to edit and update the information it provides at any time.

Even if you get to redesign the corporate image, updating this data would not make you incur excessive expenses.

10. It is the Pillar of your Online Marketing, the Main Reasons to Have a Website

Online marketing can be done in different ways. You can do social media marketing and you can place advertising in AdWords, both are basic.

But having a website and making it your own allows you to define your strategies around it. And the strategies of the website, aimed at increasing your income. This is how your website becomes the anchor of your digital strategy.

In addition, on the site, you are the one who sets the rules. On the other hand, on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, or on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Linio, you must abide by their rules and changes at any time. What better than to be in control!

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